2016 Season gearing up

I know I’ve been terrible at keeping this site updated, and for that I apologize.  It’s now April of 2016 and the team is gearing up for the season.  Pending funding approval, our fist contest may end up being in Lee’s Summit, MO for Smokin on the Summit on June 3rd and 4th.  We are already entered into the 2016 Great Lenexa BBQ Battle (spot 124), and as always, look for us at the American Royal BBQ in October.  The team has been interested in possibly adding a 4th so stay tuned for further details.  Hope to see many of you at our events and may the smoked meats be with you ;).

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2015 season is upon us

Here we are just a month away from the Lenexa BBQ battle and I finally got this website working again.  Honestly I didn’t even know it was not working because I had previously forwarded the domain to our Facebook page which is easier to keep updated and apparently that went SNAFU on us.  At any rate, I guess I’m back to updating two locations.  Hope to see you all around the BBQ circuit at some point in our season.

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2013 American Royal Recap

Well, apparently I’ve been slacking.  I’ve posted all our stats and thanks on the facebook page but completely forgot to update this page.  For those that only follow this blog I apologize for keeping you in the dark.  It certainly was not my intention.

At any rate, WE GOT A CALL AT THE AMERICAN ROYAL!!!!!!!!  Our ribs were apparently good enough to harvest 13th place out of 535 total teams in this years open contest. Continue reading

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Rain and BBQ just don’t mix well.

Was out at the Sprint Campus tonight setting up for tomorrows competition and trying to beat the massive rain storm headed our way.  Well that didn’t happen but at least we got most of the preliminary work done and only got a little wet.  We had heard there was some storms coming but last time i heard they were just going to be little so we were trying to put our flag up when e heard the first thunder clap.  Three Electricians holding a very tall aluminum pole in the air and Continue reading

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Goin to the Royal…

We now have confirmation that our bid for the lottery was accepted and we’ve been assigned a spot.  It’s not a great spot as far as visibility but we’ll do whatever we can to make the best of it.  We’re in spot 182, which is between the kids korral and the Expo marketplace.  Hopefully we’ll get some foot traffic from people taking a shortcut between the two.  I’m still waiting on a reply whether or not we can use our own large tent instead of renting one but either way, we’ll find out Wednesday if we have money for a party.  If there is no interest in spending for the party, then we’ll have one hell of a great site for barbecuing for the contest being just across the Expo center from judging.  I hope to have a few more reports as we approach the event to keep everyone well informed.  See you at the Royal.

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Labor Day 2013

Over the Labor Day weekend we catered for the attendees of the Kansas City Building Trades Labor Day Parade and competed in the first annual Greater Kansas City Labor Day BBQ Cook Off.  It was a fantastic weekend with warm but otherwise great weather to be out with great brothers and sisters cooking for the masses.  As usual, the smoker was awesome.  Discovered it runs a bit hotter with Charcoal but for the most part we were able to keep it right around 250 and it held temp perfectly across 12 feet of smoke chamber.  Gave me an idea that it might be very well suited should we choose to convert it to a Gravity feed system.  Not a terrible idea but I seem to remember when we were all wood it was also consistent and took a lot less fuel.  I’ll play with it and determine what our best decision will be. Continue reading

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Results from the Great Lenexa BBQ Battle

For a bunch of Electricians with little to no restaurant or professional cooking training we did pretty damned well today at the Great Lenexa BBQ Battle. We placed 86th in the overall and beat notable names such as Squeal of Approval, KC Rib Doctor, and very surprisingly Pellet Envy. Chicken was 100th out of 182, Ribs were 105th out of 183, Pork was 115th out of 183, and low and behold, the Brisket that was very nearly a disaster thanks to an extreme char layer on the flat came in 62nd out of 183. Guess turning in just the Burnt Ends was a strategic win.  We had a great new team that seemed to work pretty well together, even if there was some occasional chaos come turn-in time.  Continue reading

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Lenexa is Coming

The 2013 Great Lenexa BBQ Battle is just around the corner and we want to remind everyone that we WILL be competing.  This will be the first outing for the new team so we’re cutting our teeth on a fairly large competition.  We’ll either sink or swim but regardless of the result I’m sure we’ll have some fun doing it.  There has been a lot of positive reaction and we’ll have a DJ on hand for the Friday night party so please do come out and join in on the brotherhood.   Continue reading

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New season and a new team.

As most will be able to notice, we’ve had to change our domain name from ibewsmokinsparkys.info to ibewsmokinsparkys.us due to a miscommunication with our provider.  We’ve also had some pretty major reconstruction within our ranks.  Our Chairman Charlie Burton has decided to step down and Mike and Sally Hatcher have also decided to remove themselves due to Mikes medical issues not mixing well with the rigors of BBQ Competition.  Given our mass exodus I’ve decided to step up and become chairman and head chef for the team.  I’ve got some decent leads on people who expressed interest in helping and I’m excited.  Hopefully they won’t see just how rough it is competing against the big dogs and quit their first time out but we’ll see.   Continue reading

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