2013 American Royal Recap

Well, apparently I’ve been slacking.  I’ve posted all our stats and thanks on the facebook page but completely forgot to update this page.  For those that only follow this blog I apologize for keeping you in the dark.  It certainly was not my intention.

At any rate, WE GOT A CALL AT THE AMERICAN ROYAL!!!!!!!!  Our ribs were apparently good enough to harvest 13th place out of 535 total teams in this years open contest.

Our sausage got a very respectable 45th place, our Chicken got 102nd, our Pork 260th, and what used to be our strongest category, brisket, came in 499th.  Overall we placed above over half of the competitors at 241st.  The new scoring system at KCBS gives us quite a bit more information that we ever had before. We can now tell how we placed on the table compared to the other samples presented to only those 6 judges. I can report that BOTH our Chicken and Sausage entries WON at their respective tables and our 13th place Ribs actually came in 2nd. This tells me not to change a THING on those three meats and just keep turning in the product and see if we can’t get a few more calls and awards with our offerings.

Strangely enough, our Pork and Brisket, which were our two strongest categories historically, absolutely tanked and placed 5th and 6th at their respective tables. This puzzles me since the only thing I’ve changed about my brisket is I’ve started to separate the point and flat earlier in the smoke and wrap both once they hit 165. My intent was to further tenderize the meat with a steam at the end and to avoid the dark char that used to be in the bark, leading to what I thought was an over smoked taste.  Maybe that slight char in the bark of the brisket was actually a strong point and taking that away is killing the flavor at the tables. At any rate, I’ll go back to what worked in the past and see if I can tweak the recipe just enough to turn the historical 8’s into 9’s and avoid those dreaded 6’s we got at the Royal. Just goes to show this hobby is still pretty much a crap shoot when it comes to judging and scores.

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