Rain and BBQ just don’t mix well.

Was out at the Sprint Campus tonight setting up for tomorrows competition and trying to beat the massive rain storm headed our way.  Well that didn’t happen but at least we got most of the preliminary work done and only got a little wet.  We had heard there was some storms coming but last time i heard they were just going to be little so we were trying to put our flag up when e heard the first thunder clap.  Three Electricians holding a very tall aluminum pole in the air and we hear a thunder clap, not our finest moment LOL.  Pole came back down and I put the flag away.  We’ll put it up in the morning when it’s not effectively a lightning rod.

I had to come home since I’m effectively on Baby Watch for the next 3 weeks but on the way, the rain was just torrential.  Had to drive through an area that was at least a foot deep to get home but when I looked at the RADAR at home it was just barely skimming the Sprint Campus so I don’t know if Trent got caught in any of that or not.  Still waiting for a text but I guess no news is good news.  Should be a fun day tomorrow so if anyone is out around the Sprint Campus feel free to stop in and say hi.  Apparently its open to the public and they will have bounce houses and things for the family as well as public tasting from all the teams.  http://theopcampus.com/NewsEventsView.aspx?id=117 is the link to the event info page if anyone has further questions.  Hope to see some friends there.

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