Labor Day 2013

Over the Labor Day weekend we catered for the attendees of the Kansas City Building Trades Labor Day Parade and competed in the first annual Greater Kansas City Labor Day BBQ Cook Off.  It was a fantastic weekend with warm but otherwise great weather to be out with great brothers and sisters cooking for the masses.  As usual, the smoker was awesome.  Discovered it runs a bit hotter with Charcoal but for the most part we were able to keep it right around 250 and it held temp perfectly across 12 feet of smoke chamber.  Gave me an idea that it might be very well suited should we choose to convert it to a Gravity feed system.  Not a terrible idea but I seem to remember when we were all wood it was also consistent and took a lot less fuel.  I’ll play with it and determine what our best decision will be.

The event itself was a GREAT success as we were probably the second longest line waiting for food only bested by the Sno-Cone/Cotton Candy line.  We also ran out of everything within the first hour so we either need to get more money for more food or just feed the brothers and sisters and their families.  People seem to genuinely love our food and it just keeps getting better the more we learn how to tame this smoker and our recipes.  We’re also getting our team back together so the challenges of playing to our strengths are still emerging.  Thankfully we have a pretty active team and everyone is excited to be a part of it and as we grow and become more cohesive we’ll get to the point where we can be on auto pilot for cooking and truly enjoy brotherhood with our guests.

The competition was great for the first year.  I’m sure once word gets out there will be more team interest and more attendees.  We placed in every category so we were pretty happy with the results.

All in all a pretty good time.  Can’t wait till next year.

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