Lenexa is Coming

The 2013 Great Lenexa BBQ Battle is just around the corner and we want to remind everyone that we WILL be competing.  This will be the first outing for the new team so we’re cutting our teeth on a fairly large competition.  We’ll either sink or swim but regardless of the result I’m sure we’ll have some fun doing it.  There has been a lot of positive reaction and we’ll have a DJ on hand for the Friday night party so please do come out and join in on the brotherhood.  

It will be BYOB but there is a rule about not being able to bring it in outside of the team setup times.  Our solution is to bring us the beer or bottles at the hall Thursday night while we are prepping and packing and we’ll have it all in coolers so it’ll be a non issue.  We’ll even go as far as putting your name on it so you can share with whomever you wish.  So if you plan on being there and plan on drinking, make sure you come see us Thursday evening around behind the hall in the retirees kitchen and we’ll get you taken care of.  Thanks again for everyones support.

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