New season and a new team.

As most will be able to notice, we’ve had to change our domain name from to due to a miscommunication with our provider.  We’ve also had some pretty major reconstruction within our ranks.  Our Chairman Charlie Burton has decided to step down and Mike and Sally Hatcher have also decided to remove themselves due to Mikes medical issues not mixing well with the rigors of BBQ Competition.  Given our mass exodus I’ve decided to step up and become chairman and head chef for the team.  I’ve got some decent leads on people who expressed interest in helping and I’m excited.  Hopefully they won’t see just how rough it is competing against the big dogs and quit their first time out but we’ll see.  

I’m hoping the mass exodus doesn’t spell the end of our team and I’ll try my best to keep the spirit alive because brotherhood and barbecue really is the perfect match.  We’ve had some great turnouts in the past and brothers have had a great time with great food.  I’ve decided to concentrate more on the turnout and make the competition second.  Sure we’re still going to try and turn in our best showing and tweak our recipes until we have some winners but the brotherhood will be our priority.  What fun is it if we have nobody show up Friday night to cheer us on and remind us why we’re doing this in the first place?  I’ll do my best to keep this site updated with all our actions, including meeting nights and practice sessions.  I’ll let everyone know if our bid to cook at the Lenexa Great BBQ Battle is accepted tomorrow.  Hopefully we’ll have an event to cook at and another great opportunity to bring brothers and sisters together outside the jobsites.

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  1. Diane Burgeson says:

    Thanks Pete, good job and good luck to the team.

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