Results from the Great Lenexa BBQ Battle

For a bunch of Electricians with little to no restaurant or professional cooking training we did pretty damned well today at the Great Lenexa BBQ Battle. We placed 86th in the overall and beat notable names such as Squeal of Approval, KC Rib Doctor, and very surprisingly Pellet Envy. Chicken was 100th out of 182, Ribs were 105th out of 183, Pork was 115th out of 183, and low and behold, the Brisket that was very nearly a disaster thanks to an extreme char layer on the flat came in 62nd out of 183. Guess turning in just the Burnt Ends was a strategic win.  We had a great new team that seemed to work pretty well together, even if there was some occasional chaos come turn-in time. 

Here’s an interesting statistic. We were only 50 points away from the grand champion. Might not seem impressive until you realize there are a total possible 720 points and I don’t believe any team has ever scored a perfect 720. Our average score for the 4 meats was 159 out of 180. 20 points away from perfect means we can cook pretty damned well.

The new smoker is an absolute DREAM to work on once you figure out the settings. We had a bit of a rollercoaster start but once we figured out the premium airflow settings, there was under 5 degrees of difference in 108 cubic feet of cooking space. A truly amazing machine and a pleasure to cook on. Also confirmed even with the offset weight on the trailer, it hauls like a dream and resists any temptation to tip, sway, or rock even at highway speeds.

We are still looking to confirm manpower to compete at the American Royal BBQ in October before submitting our entry. At least half of our team will be unavailable or available only on a limited basis so by all means if you are a member of IBEW Local 124 and have a desire to try your hand at promoting brotherhood while feeding them some competition level food then let me know and we’ll try to get a confirmed spot at this years ARBBQ.

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